Another Listing Sold at Historical Record High!

Another Listing Sold at Historical Record High!

  • Wen Guo Real Estate Group
  • 09/18/19


Just closed another deal yesterday, 627 Capuchino Dr, Millbrae.

It’s a bitter sweet feeling out there, as I am selling my neighbor’s house. They are my neighbor that in Valentine’s day we exchanged chocolate, when their water heater stopped working they would jump in my shower… And then now they are moving away, I miss them dearly already!

But then, I am blissed for them, deep in my heart! I was able to hit another historical high number in Capuchino Area, so that the mother get to retire after working hard a whole life, and the kids get to use the proceed for some better investment.

It was a longer journey than you thought though, nothing was easy.

The house was on the market last year, through a different agent, for multiple months, and didn’t get an offer.

Some neighbors got curious, more got concerned – Millbrae was a hot market, wasn’t it?

After seeing me selling another properties 532 Barcelona Dr in the area over $2M and didn’t even go on the market, seller offered me a chance to list it again.

I did everything many realtors would do, and many other things that most realtors won’t – other than exquisitely directing the staging with my 10 year architect/designer experience, I also personally touched up all professional photos, I dressed up and stand in the house to do a trilingual presentation video, I had drone flying over the neighborhood for video and photos, I got the house 3D scanned, 2D floor plan drafted, printed high end brochure,  customized website, posted in multiple social media, broadcasted overseas for global exposure, I even customized water bottles for guests with the house printed on the label… the list goes on and on, I was not only passionate about marketing, but I truly want the best for my neighbor seller!!!

With all the positive energy putting together, while Redfin estimate was $2.09M, Zillow estimate was precisely $2M, woohoo, we just hit a new record for the whole area at $2.26M!

Very excited for my seller, now they reached their real estate goal, finally can move out of state and re-invest their proceeds for higher yield rental properties. With the sale here, they should be able to retire in another state.

While I miss them a whole lot, I get to visit them when traveling to their town! Plus, I got new neighbors that just moved in and I can make friends with =)

I wish everyone happy ever after. ​​

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