Listing Services

Selling a Home? Just Say Wen!

Selling a Home, Just Say Wen!

Listing Services

Embarking on the journey to sell your home, our curated suite of services ensures a seamless, efficient, and profitable experience. From expert packing to architectural insights, each step is designed with precision and care. Here's how we make your home selling journey exceptional:

Packing & Moving Services

We help you pack and simplify your move with organized packing and moving services.

Pre-Listing Home Update with Architect
An architect background team manages home pre-listing updates for maximum returns with minimal enhancements.

Disclosure Review
A legal background team ensures accuracy and mitigates liability.

Comprehensive Inspection Process 
Includes pre-inspection before updates, with a final inspection ensuring polished results.

Luxury Staging from Restoration Hardware
Top brand furniture and decor enhances your home's luxury appeal.

Unmatched Online Marketing
Features HD photography, 3D virtual tours, and 2D floor plans, narrated drone video, customized property websites, tailored SEO, and social media.

Customized Print Marketing
Includes premium brochures, feature displays, and bottled water, all branded with your home’s information for a memorable buyer experience.

Multilingual Global Reach
We offer property videos and open houses in multiple languages.

Architectural Expertise in Promotion
Our ability to accentuate your home’s unique attributes and hidden potentials surpasses non-architect realtors.

Open House All Day and All Week
Open every day, and all day on weekends for maximal exposure.

Guaranteed & Measurable Success
We guarantee top placements on Zillow and Redfin “Hot Home” status with trackable outcomes that consistently surpass other realtors.


Ranked Listing in Zillow


All Listing Success Rate


Homes Sold


Over List Price on Avarage

6.9 DAYS

Sold on Average


Year Architect Background

Work With Us

We treat our clients like family. We never talk down and no house is too big or small. We are here to help you to achieve if not exceed your goal!

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