I Take Care of Your House (Either You are Here or Not)

I Take Care of Your House (Either You are Here or Not)

  • Wen Guo Real Estate Group
  • 09/18/19

When my Millbrae seller gave me the key and said, it’s all yours, we are out – they literally meant they are flying to across of the country to start a new life, and not coming back at anytime soon at all, at least not during the sale.

Even better!

So we scheduled all the venders and had the house prep process started. Other than the regular cleaning, inspection, photoshoot, it’s always thing unexpected.
The house functions/sells better when 2 lights swapped? Done! The curtains were still there? Gone! Leaves and flowers falling everywhere before photos? Cleaned, and I was sweeping it in my suit ? Still some garbage in garage prior to closing? Hauled – they went in the trunk in my Mercedes!

With all the extra efforts, other than our usual unusual marketing and sale strategy, another record high in the street was produced – listed at $1.39M and sold at $1.6M!

“Wen, you have an unattainable standard for our future real estate agents” commented from seller from across from the country. They even sent my extra bonus gifts ?

Very very fortunate to meet great seller and very happy to provide what they need, so glad it turned out to be amazing ?

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