It's Time to Plan Ahead for 2021!

It's Time to Plan Ahead for 2021!

  • Wen Guo Real Estate Group
  • 01/6/21

I hope you have had an amazing holiday! It’s the first week coming back from the break, it’s time for planning the new year in real estate goals too! Have you ever wondered when is the best time of a year to buy or sell a property? You might hear Summer is the best, winter is the worst. But then which Month in summer and winter are we talking about? We have accumulated the last 15 years of data for the whole of San Mateo County, ever since MLS system exists, and we would like to share our findings with you here:

Buying in December? Or January?

Buying in December gets you the best discount, which is about 11% lower than the average price of the whole year. However, lots of times we don’t get to do that because December doesn’t have enough good inventories for us to choose from – it’s like winter clearance price for leftover items.

In this case, we would encourage you to catch the January wave of new inventories! The comparable is still relatively low due to the winter sold data, you are still getting 5% lower than the whole year average sold price, while you get to choose among the new batch of homes.

That means act now! Please call us at 650.880.1881 to reach one of our buyer specialists and find your dream home at a great price! We are happy to service and achieve your real estate goal with you! Or, simply click the button below, let’s talk about our 2021 plan!

Listing in March/April? Let’s Get Ready!

Listing in March or April gets you the absolute max of the whole year, which is about 5%+ higher than average. If you do plan to sell a property in 2021, now it’s the time to start planning.

  • Are there any furniture or personal items to declutter and let go of? Is there any area you need to paint over, fix up or touch up? It’s the perfect time to get it started. Let us know if you need help, we have a whole team of liquidators, designers, and contractors/handymen in case we can help!
  • Is there a tenant you need to let go before? If the tenant has been renting for more than 12 months, you will need to deliver a 60-day notice.
  • Is the tax record reflecting the correct bedroom/bathroom count and square footage? If you had a permit for it, we can help you to utilize the downtime to call up the county to improve the number for a better-sold price!
  • Do you need to move or buy and sell at the same time? Let’s talk about the best strategy and get it done efficiently and cost-effectively. We can also connect you with CPA and lenders as advisors so you can take your time to make the right decision before it’s too late.

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