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Thank you for noticing our marketing efforts!

Thank you for noticing our marketing efforts!

  • 04/6/22
For all the listings, we try to give the best marketing and skill set - from trilingual in-person videography to multiple feature display cards in the house, from architect and designer background pros’ help in preparing a home to lawyer background professional to watch out for closing…(please see our open house experience video here) And one obvious feature we have in our team is to maximize exposure for a listing through direction signs. We are grateful that a media actually noticed this and write an article of it, and we are happy to share about it here!

This post is from author Lynsey Free and www.highnote.io. Thank you for noticing us!

(Alternatively, please click here to see the original article)
​A new installment of the “How to Dominate Your Neighborhood” series, by HighNote founder Mark Choey.
One of the easiest ways to dominate a neighborhood: use A LOT of A-Frame Signs!
I was driving to drop off my son at his drum lessons in San Mateo, CA one morning and I noticed an A-Frame of a hustling agent from Keller Williams, Wen Guo, who once sold a home near where I lived.
​I didn’t think anything of it other than oh, a listing by Wen in this part of town, but then as I kept driving to the drum teacher’s house, I noticed another sign,… and then another…
As I dropped him off and went off to go kill some time at the neighborhood coffee shop, I saw another Wen Guo sign, and then another, and then ANOTHER. I was thinking WOW, she’s a real go-getter.

Then I saw she had strategically placed another sign…
at the ENTRANCE of the Whole Food parking lot. And…
at the EXIT too!
And on the highway on-ramp.

I was like, wow. This is how you do it… this is how you dominate a neighborhood – and it reminded me that I used to do it too…which is the point of this article: BLANKET THE AREA WITH MARKETING.

I decided to drive around to see just how far she went to market her listing…
in front of the big mall around the area…
on numerous side streets…
in front of a popular coffee shop (Blue Bottle) over a mile away…

And, on a bunch of other streets around the neighborhood.
Impressive, Wen! Top 1% and supposedly the #1 Bay Area Listing Team (I have not verified). Either way, to be a top producer and get listings, you need to BLANKET THE AREA — just like Wen did.

Oh and the home she has listed? 3537 Casanova Dr in San Mateo, a 3 BR, 1 BA, 1120 sf, asking $1,388,000!

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