The Extra Miles From Us..

The Extra Miles From Us..

  • Wen Guo Real Estate Group
  • 09/18/19

Every night, after all meetings are done and then kids falling asleep, I finally got to shower and meditate, recap and think about my goal and business.

While the water is running tonight, I came to a conclusion that, it was not only a number’s game in this business, it was the quality and how much focus I had with each client that got me this far in a short time. Yes we need to cold call and door knock to generate a certain amount of leads, but without thoroughly understand each single case, and help out to provide more value than just buying and selling, numbers won’t convert.

Ray and her two houses in a month

Ray is a flight attendant that doesn’t get to check out open house due to her busy flight schedule. For 2 years, she has been working with numerous realtors and still hasn’t find a home. While she got priced out from 2 bedroom to 1 bedroom, when she met me, her $500k budget was good for a studio. Poor thing! I felt a regular process of show and buy would not work for her, as she has been very specific about her requirement and budget, so specific that there’s almost no inventory on the market; and once if any shows up, it would be gone by the time she flew back to check them out.
So instead of waiting and missing deals, I started digging into off market listings, expired listings, cold calling, mailing out flyers, door knock her specific neighborhood just for her. Finally, I found an owner that was willing to sell through off market over a couple months, connected the deal at $480k. Same unit closed on $555k the same week, Ray just made 16% on day one!
Ray was so happy, that she came back to me to purchase another property with her boyfriend, the same day she got the key for her studio.
I got busy again, I am that kind of agent that never stop at just selling, I started helping her to source contractor and handyman to update the condos, listing her property on Zillow to look for tenants, showing her how to do rental open house, etc.
Thank you for the opportunity, and I am glad that my efforts converted twice in a month!

SqFt increase

There was this seller, no matter what happened, he would only extend listing agreement with me and never gave out the listings to any other agents. Because either he’s ready to sell or not, I already help him to make $200k before even selling.
Hong is the owner, he has this house in the city as rental. As a friend, he invited me to check out his house. After a tour, I realized there’s some discrepancy on the county square footage. Who would drive up all the way to the San Francisco and wait for hours in the building department in the middle of a week to check out the permit for not even a client yet? I would!
And my architect instinct was right – the house was missing 500+ sqft when drawing was submitted 20 years ago! I called through multiple agencies – planning, building, tax accessor etc., finally I got this 1300 sqft house increased into 1900 sqft.
Listing agreement signed right away!
This is not the only one though, I also got another couple listing signed as I helped out with their inlaw legalization process, or I helped increasing bedroom count in county record for sellers.

No pain, no gain. The more we offer, the more we receive.
​The extra miles are always so worth working on, for you, and for us.

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